Monthly & Annual Options Available

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Premium Plans are great if you need to analyze more than two files. Overage data bundles are available as prepaid metered bundles.

Consulting and advisory firms can become exclusive partners and benefit from dedicated Givinf Desk technical support, whitelabeling and core API availability.

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One-time Payment.

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  • 50 AI Chat Messages
  • 10 Documents Uploads
  • Custom, AI-Generated Qualified Customer List Exports
  • Can Exceed Usage Limits
Save 50%



  • 1,000 AI Chat Messages/Month
  • 100 Documents/Month
  • +$5 Per Doc Over the 100 Upload Monthly Limit
  • 5 Custom, AI-Generated Qualified Customer List Exports
Become A Partner
Get Dedicated, Custom Solutions
Whitelabel GiveFlag

Local and Regional Options Available
  • Unlimited AI Chat Messages/Month
  • Provable Assymetric Data Encryption
  • Five Qualified Customer List CSV Exports (50+ in Each or your Money Back)
  • Whitelabeling

GiveFlag Plans FAQ

You can try GiveFlag for free. Each new account receives 10 AI team chat prompts.
If you upgrade to the SME Plan, you can get 100 file uploads and 1,000 messages per month. Additionally, if you are a yearly plan subscriber, you get double the usage limit: 2,000 messages + 200 file uploads per month.

You can upload 100 documents per month. You also get 1,000 AI chat prompts to your team!


If you're interested in ensuring your spreadsheets all line up and that your project plans are coherent, GiveFlag might be for you.