Expert Partners Program

Get Royalties For Training Enterprise AI

Take part in shaping AI companies can trust, using your professional expertise.

Benefit directly from the commercial impact of your contribution, every time it's used.

Get Paid to be an Expert Partner & Train AI

GPT-based engines are only as good as the experts that train them. Our royalty program ensures that experts who contribute towards improving GiveFlag AI receive compensation and credit whenever their expertise is leveraged by GiveFlag corporate clients.

GiveFlag Expert Partner Program FAQ

The GiveFlag Expert Partner Program is a unique initiative to compensate experts who play a vital role in improving the functionality of the GiveFlag AI. This program operates on a model similar to Spotify, providing perpetual royalties to entities that help train these AI models.

Expert Partners contribute to the GiveFlag AI by analyzing company scenario outputs and inputs, including company financials and business plans, and engaging in dialogue with the AI models. This helps the models to improve their output and make better recommendations.

Expert Partners are compensated through a royalty system. Each time the GiveFlag AI uses the insights provided by an Expert Partner in a commercially compensated calculation, the contribution's weight is tallied and a portion of the resulting revenue is allocated to the Expert Partner.

The GiveFlag Expert Partner Program is in early development and we're actively working to improve it iteratively. As the program continues to evolve, we will maintain our commitment to rewarding those who contribute to the AI's development and ensuring mutual growth.

GiveFlag Expert Partner Program


The GiveFlag Expert Partner Program was created to compensate experts for their role in improving the functionality of the GiveFlag AI. Our AI engine provides in-depth analysis, insights, and recommendations to companies, helping them structure better deals. These deals span capital raises, M&A transactions, property investment, large asset purchases, and more.

Transactions of such magnitude typically require teams of lawyers, analysts, division heads, executive leadership, consultants, brokers, and accountants. However, for medium and small firms, access to such a comprehensive team is often out of reach. Even larger firms can face challenges such as errors, omissions, suboptimal capital structuring, inefficient tax planning, and other inefficiencies. Also, these transactions can take months to complete.

The Problems We're Solving

We developed GiveFlag to decrease the time required for these transactions and to help businesses make better decisions. Our simple suggestions and error-catching capabilities free up time and resources for productive activities. However, we faced two key issues:

  • Automating jobs would not align with our core values at Giving Desk.
  • The automated systems need expert training to efficiently perform these tasks, combining textbook knowledge with practical experience.

To address both of these issues, we launched the GiveFlag Expert Partner Program. The program operates on a model similar to Spotify, providing perpetual royalties to entities that help train these models. When revenue is generated from the GiveFlag product, an automated assessment of the contribution of experts is produced. This contribution weighting list determines the percentage of revenue sent to each Expert Partner.

The Process

After completing the Expert Partner Compensation Agreement, you can log into the Expert Network platform on GiveFlag. Based on your profession, you can analyze company scenario outputs and inputs, including company financials and business plans. You can then engage in a dialogue with the models that produced the output, helping them to achieve better results. The next time that model participates in a commercially compensated calculation that leverages your insight, your contribution's weight is tallied.

From there, you receive a monthly payment based on Giving Desk's revenue from GiveFlag. 50% of GiveFlag's gross margin on sales are distributed for the previous month. This also applies in the case of refunds or other remunerations.

We are excited to welcome you to the program. You can always reach us at or by contacting your Partner representative.

Please note that this program is currently in early development. There may be a few hiccups along the way, but we're actively working with our partners to improve iteratively and ensure optimal future mutual growth.